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Funmi Ayinke Drops Powerful End Of The Year Message During Live Performance (VIDEO)

Influential Nigerian engineer cum musician, Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo has dropped a powerful end-of-the-year message during a live performance at her well-equipped modern studio in Abuja.

The Live performance which was an unscripted session portrayed Funmi Ayinke as a ready-made musician whose songs are to edify and inspire every soul that listens to them.

As observed in the video, Funmi Ayinke made her entrance into the sophisticated studio, dressed simply yet classy, with her talented musicians ready to deliver a world-class musical presentation.

Funmi Ayinke started this unscripted session with her message ‘Ile La’bo Isinmi Oko’ which means that no matter how exhilarating travels are, one will always be thrilled to return home in a way to remind everyone that the year is coming to an end.

Funmi Ayinke who is known to always pass messages through songs repeatedly mentioned that there is need for everyone to remember that the home is always the final destination after every job, travel and whatever anyone is doing.

She went further to address different categories of people that have forgotten their homes, calling them to return home because there is no place like it; Those that have neglected their parents, those that haven’t spoken to their parents and guardians, those that haven’t seen their parents in a long while.

Below are some of the lyrics of the performance:

‘’ If you go to the market, if you travel out of the country, wherever you go, I want to remind you that the home is always the final destination. There is no place like home. Home sweet home. If you are listening to me and you have not called your parents or it’s been long since you remembered them, I want to remind you that home is the final destination.

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‘ They are deceiving you, they said your parents are bad, they want to kill you; parents that didn’t kill you when you were still a baby. You stopped talking to your parents because you are looking for money, I want to remind you that the home is always the final destination. Call them, go back home’’

‘Go back home, call your parents, ask about their wellbeing, go home because that’s the final destination. Send them money, remember those that took care of you, remember those who stood by you.’’



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