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Funmi Ayinke releases ‘Okunrin’ to celebrate men

Popular Nigerian musician, Funmi Ayinke has released her much anticipated single titled ‘Okunrin’ to celebrate men in the world.

This is more like another version of her viral song ‘Obirin’ which she released some time ago to celebrate women worldwide.

Prior to the release, Funmi Ayinke explained that men deserve to be celebrated because they go through so much to provide for their families.

‘’He is the one who takes the blame; he is the one who takes the shame. He works day and night around the clock, providing for his family. Let’s give kudos to every man out there’’.

In the song, she took time to underscore the importance of men and the value they add to society while expressing the need to always pray for them.

‘Okunrin’ is the latest addition to Funmi Ayinke’s work of art. She has several songs including The Journey, Obirin, Omo Iya Teacher, Carry Me, Chocolate, to mention a few, to her credit.

‘Okunrin’ is out NOW on all digital platforms.


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