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Embrace the Melody: Funmi Ayinke Shares Her Musical Journey on Colourful Radio London


During my interview on Colourful Radio, I spoke about my Engineering firm and my musical career.


As I said, When it comes to my Engineering firm, I take great pride in the team of 36 professionals that i have assembled. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in our success in the company at large.


Throughout my journey, there has been a burning desire within me to inspire and motivate young Nigerians. However, I soon realized that traditional methods of written motivation often fell short.


Despite crafting heartfelt messages online, I found out that most young Nigerians preferred consuming content in the form of videos or audio. This realization led me to explore a different avenue for reaching out to them.


Although I had never considered myself a musical person, my experiences in the choir during my time in the higher institution sparked a new appreciation for its transformative power. Despite facing initial obstacles due to being off-key, I was determined to find my voice and share my message through music.


Through persistence, practice, and unwavering belief in my abilities, I honed my singing skills and carved a niche for myself in the music industry. Today, I stand as a testament to the notion that dreams can be realized with dedication and perseverance.


By leveraging the popularity of music, I found an innovative way to connect with young Nigerians. Through catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and an authentic expression of my experiences, I sought to create music that resonated with their struggles and aspirations. This approach did not only allow me to communicate my message effectively but also encouraged listeners to engage and share the songs, creating a ripple effect of inspiration.

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In a world where attention spans are diminishing, and traditional forms of motivation often fall short, it is essential to adapt and find innovative ways to pass the message across to people just like me.


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